Our 2014 Featured Artist

To be announced soon!

 Our 2013 Featured Artist
Carlos Spivey

My artwork transcends the optical limitations of this world with images of dignity that reflect the cultural diversity of African people in a modern, traditional and even cosmic context. I am an Ancient Futurist. I paint stories, Afro Centric tales of love and loss on this physical and on the spiritual plane...parables with universal themes that reflect a spirit of hope and perseverance. My stories are filled with love, beauty and sacred totems.

When I reflect back on my childhood, I realized that I had not experienced many positive images of blacks or of Africans in the Diaspora. The motivating thrust of my ambition was to create images of dignity. Although my images are of African people, my thematic concepts are universal in that they portray elements of the human experience that exist in all cultures and races, transcending color, transcending time and aimed at the hearts of human kind. No matter what cultural race or creed, we all want the best for our loved ones and that is what all people have in common.
If you would like information about or to purchase my art, please contact me:
Via email:
Or, directly by phone: 1 (323) 752-3281

2013 Image & Theme: 
 "It''s A Family Affair"

Official festival merchandise will be available for sale at the event.
  • T-shirts - $15
  • Posters - $5
Unsold merchandise from the festival will be available for sale at Sika's, 4330 Degnan Blvd.,, LA, CA. in Leimert Park Village.

Featured Artists' & Images from past Festivals

Year: 2012
Theme:  "Leaving A Legacy"
Artist: Ramsess


Ramsess has created an original art image to reflect our 2012 theme, "Leaving A Legacy".  This image was be  used in all of our promotional materials, banners, signage, and on our Official Festival T-shirt and Official Festival Poster.


Year: 2011
Theme:  "Family Values"
Artist: Ramsess


About Ramsess:
Ramsess is a self taught artist who works in multiple media ranging from ink to acrylic to mosaic to glass to cloth.  As a ardent fan and lover of blues and jazz music, much of his art is a reflection of that love, honoring the musicians and the music they create.

Year: 2010
Theme: "Community Counts"
Official Fine Artist: Charles Bibbs

Charles Bibbs

About Charles Bibbs:
Charles Bibbs' artwork manages to fuse African, African American and Native American cultural themes, to make powerful cross cultural statements. His work is thought provoking and capable of arousing strong emotions regardless of ethnic, gender and generational affiliation.  Although he may have an idea or vision in mind when painting a particular piece, Charles prefers each individual who views his work to gain a personal vision from his artwork.

Year: 2010
Theme: "Community Counts"
Official Emerging Fine Artist: Gbaby (Sylvia Rundles-Cohen)


About Sylvia Rundles: Gbaby designs can be found on OOAK (one of a kind) clothing, purses, hats, paintings, home furnishings and more.

Year: 2009 
Theme: "Family First" 
Artist: Aziz Diagne


About Aziz: Aziz Diagne is a multi-media artist.  His art forms includes water color, oil painting , printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, murals, tapestry, set-building, and reverse painting on glass.

Contact Info:
Phone: 1 323.319.5819Mobile

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