Saturday, March 3, 2012

Top 10 Reason to Support This Festival

01.  It's a quality, fun, FREE, and laid back but energetically charged atmosphere! 
02.  It's a family-friendly event with entertainment and activities for children to seniors.
03.  Because our diverse, multicultural, and multi-ethnic audience is knit together by their love for the arts.
04.  Because no one is a stranger here - bring friends or make new ones - everyone is welcome.
05.  To nourish your soul with great entertainment, good food and wonderful shopping.
06.  To enjoy a hassle free festival experience; we're not too big & not too small.
07.  To experience a great, centrally located venue in one of LA's best-loved cultural enclaves.
08.  To support live music, indie artists and local bands as well as A-list entertainers.
09.  To support our fine artists and local area merchants that need our support, especially in this economy.
10.  To show our current and potential sponsors that this event has value.
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