Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Sika, Amaechina and Juan welcomes everyone to our 5th Annual FREE Leimert Park Village African Art and Music Festival.  If you haven't been to our Festival, you are in store for a magically great time.  Our event has the feel of a small intimate, and classy garden party but will all the upscale amenities you'd find at the largest outdoor festival. 

We work very hard year-round to make this the most enjoyable experience and a crown jewel event for the City of Los Angeles.  We like to say our festival footprint of about 10,000 people over three days is just right....not too big to be overwhelming and not to small where there's not enough to satisfy our multi-generational, and multicultural audience. And, from the extremely positive comments we receive from our audience, the vendors, local businesses and even the residents....we are so humbly proud to say that we are succeeding.

This year, the theme for our 2013 festival is "Loving Our Community".  Historic Leimert Park Village is a unique community with a rich history where the arts have played a major role in knitting together diverse communities and people of all walks of life.  Many notable people have had a hand in making this an internationally known community.  We appreciate those that came before us and laid the groundwork upon which we hope to continue to build for the future generations to follow.

Thank you for your continued support.  We look forward to seeing you this year - especially on the dance floor!

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