Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ramona Stephens returns as Festival M.C. for the 4th year!

We are over joyed to have comedienne Ramona Stephens host our 3-day festival for the 4th consecutive year.  From the moment she first stepped onto our stage in 2011, she captured the hearts and soul of the audience with her quick wit and keen insights that has everyone laughing out loud nearly to the point of tears.  Drawing from a deep well of talent, Ramona is able to effortlessly entertain and enchant the audience at the same time.  Like the major comedic talents of the past and present, she is able think faster than the speed of light to move from weaving a well-crafted story to capture the moment that is right front of her.  So if you're anywhere within her gaze, please don't act up unless you to be included in her monologue.  Fair warning: All's fair in love and comedy!


  1. Wow. It’s amazing that Ramona Stephens returns as Festival M.C. for the 4th year! It is truly a great thing. Well, I know her personally. Actually she has anchored two of our business corporate events New York too.

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